will vinegar remove mould from curtains

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  • How to remove mold from drapes and curtains?

  • People just need to apply the vinegar solution to the affected area, leave it alone for a few hours, and then wipe the entire mold away with a brush or a towel. This will have a tendency to completely eliminate the mold from the drapes or curtain rod. Many different household issues can be solved safely with baking soda, in fact.

  • How do you get rid of smelly curtains in the shower?

  • Once the solution has had time to settle and do its job, you can machine wash the curtains on low temperature of 40 degrees or lower. Make sure to use a powerful detergent, fabric softener and baking soda if necessary, to banish the smells and remove the spores.

  • How do you wash white curtains in the washing machine?

  • For machine washable curtains: Remove from curtain tracks and remove all hooks. Place in the washing machine (or bathtub if you want to handwash). Add laundry detergent and 1/2 Cup baking soda wash on a cold wash. Add 1 Cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. Remove from machine before spin cycle and hang out to dry.

  • Can you use white vinegar to clean mold?

  • You can use white vinegar for cleaning small sections of mold in your home. However, large mold infestation in your home, and mildew in your heating, air conditioning, or ventilation systems will require you to hire a professional cleaning service or a mold remediation company.

    will vinegar remove mould from curtains

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