will command hooks hold curtain rod

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  • How many command hooks do I need to hang curtains?

  • Buy 2 to 3 curtain rod Command hooks that match your curtain rod. These hooks are make specifically for hanging curtains. They come in metallic finishes, and you can find them in stores alongside other Command hooks. You will need 1 hook for each side of your window frame, and another for the middle.

  • Why use command hooks for curtain rods?

  • Curtain rods are usually installed using wall anchors and screws, which causes big holes in walls, and it looks bad when the rod is moved. Command hook high adhesiveness allows them to be repositioned without leaving holes. The Command hooks are made out of high-quality materials and are designed to be both durable and stylish.

  • What is the best way to hang a curtain rod?

  • With Command Curtain Rod Hooks, you can easily and damage-free hang your curtains on a rod. These hooks come with large indoor strips that adhere firmly to surfaces. Command hooks provide a great way to quickly and easily reorganize your home when inspiration strikes.

  • How do you keep curtain hooks from falling off?

  • Use a lightweight curtain rod, if possible. Command hooks can take a lot of weight, but a lightweight curtain rod will reduce the chances of them falling off. Thanks! If the hooks are too small for the curtain rod, hang the rod from the hooks with fabric straps or ribbon loops.

    will command hooks hold curtain rod

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