why are my white curtains turning yellow

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A yellow color layer appears on your white blindsif they hang for a long time. Sometimes sun drying the curtains for a long time changes the color from white to yellow due to more exposure. This is because direct sunlight accelerates the discoloration of fabric, and it wears out quickly.

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  • Does chlorine bleach turn curtain yellow?

  • Curtain panels rarely include spandex and you’re not worried about color transfer with your white curtains, but some curtain fabrics may be treated with a kind of finish that will turn yellow when exposed to chlorine bleach. If your white curtains have a cleaning tag that says nonchlorine bleach only, use oxygen bleach to whiten them.

  • Why do white fabrics turn yellow?

  • There are many reasons why white fabrics yellow: Storage in dark places, body oils, or simply the ravages of time can turn bright whites into grungy garments. To whiten them again, try this simple bleach-and-hot-water method.

  • How to whiten curtains?

  • How to Whiten Curtains 1 Remove yellowing caused by water deposits with Iron Out or Yellow Out. Both products are recommended for white laundry and will remove rust and iron deposits from fabric. 2 Remove stains from white fabric with Rit dye remover. … 3 Soak your curtains in hot water and lemon for a bleach alternative. … More items…

  • Why do bathroom curtains get stains?

  • Most of the stains, whether your curtain is fabric or plastic, can be blamed on mildew or soap scum. Your curtain does essential task in keeping your bathroom clean, it keeps shampoo, conditioner and water from splashing all around your bathroom.

    why are my white curtains turning yellow

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