where to put the curtain rod

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Just above the window frame

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  • How do you hang curtains with rods?

  • Screw the brackets to the casing or the wall, then fit the rod onto the brackets and use your level again to make sure the rod is straight. Then, hang your curtains and enjoy! For tips on what kind of rods to use with different types of curtains, keep reading!

  • How high should curtain rods be?

  • The rod itself should be 8 to 12 inches longer than the width of the window, which allows for 4 to 6 inches on either side. Once you have panels in the right width and length, hang the curtains using this simple two-step process. Step 1: Determine how high to hang curtain rods. Wondering where to hang curtain rods?

  • How to install drapery rods in your home?

  • Hang your curtains on the rod and test that the rods and brackets are secure by opening and closing the curtains. The drapes should hang naturally on their own. Now you檙e equipped with all the steps to install new drapery rods in your home.

  • How do you mount a shower curtain rod to a wall?

  • The shower curtain rod does not mount to these walls in most cases. It mounts to the bathroom wall, about 1 inch above this sidewall. The mounting brackets screw into place in the bathroom wall’s drywall. If you drill into the tub sidewalls, which are made of fiberglass, you ruin the watertight nature of the tub walls.

    where to put the curtain rod

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