where to put curtain tiebacks

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If you prefer full fabric below the metal tieback,goone-third down from the rod. Using a standard 84-inch curtain,this means you will install the tie back 56 inches from the top for a fuller curtain above the tie back,or 28 inches from the top for a fuller bottom portion. Remove your drapes,with the rod,from the window and set them aside.

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  • Where do you place tieback hooks on curtains?

  • Kwik-Hang notes that you’ll want to place the tieback hooks within reach if you have very tall windows. Measure horizontally from the top, inner corner of the window frame to the end of the curtain rod.

  • How do you measure a tieback curtain?

  • For fabric tiebacks, measure 39 inches up for floor length curtains and measure 45 inches up for short curtains. For rope tassel ties, measure up 45 inches from the floor. Use the pencil to place a mark at the appropriate measurement based on the type of tieback and the curtain length.

  • Where do you place tiebacks on a window frame?

  • Position tiebacks on the wall about 2/3 down from the top of the window. Rosette curtain holders should be placed about 2 inches from the inner edge of the window frame.

  • What can I use to tie back curtains?

  • Use bits of holiday or seasonal fabric, decorative scarves or runners, or festive ribbons to tie back your curtains. Change them out every season or for each holiday. Let’s say you have a pair of white panels in your living room window. For Christmas, you might use a red velvet ribbon as a tieback.

    where to put curtain tiebacks

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