where to install curtain tie back hooks

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Inside the outer edge of the curtains

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  • Where do you place tieback hooks on curtains?

  • Kwik-Hang notes that you’ll want to place the tieback hooks within reach if you have very tall windows. Measure horizontally from the top, inner corner of the window frame to the end of the curtain rod.

  • How do you install tie backs above and below metal tiebacks?

  • If you prefer full fabric above the metal tie back, install the tie backs two-thirds down from the top of the rod. If you prefer full fabric below the metal tieback, go one-third down from the rod. Using a standard 84-inch curtain, this means you will install the tie back 56 inches from the top for a fuller curtain above the tie back,…

  • How do you install pinecone tiebacks on drapes?

  • How to Install Curtain Tie Backs. Now tie the ribbon tightly around the knot, pulling the knot close to the screw eye. Repeat the process with the other piece of ribbon on the other screw eye. Glue the knots to the top of the pinecone, using the hot glue gun. Your pinecone tiebacks are ready to put on your drapes [source: Better Homes].

  • How do you anchor a curtain rod to a window?

  • Hook the metal tie back to the anchor, and use the screws provided to secure the tie back to the anchor. Make sure that the hook of the tie back is facing away from the window. Repeat this process on the other side. Place the curtain rod, with the drapes, back in place on the rod’s hooks.

    where to install curtain tie back hooks

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