where to hang holdbacks for curtains

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How to Properly Install a Curtain HoldbackMeasure a spot about 2/3 of the way between the curtain rods and the floor. …Repeat this process on the other side of the window. Make sure the two marks are even. …Hang the curtains from the curtain rods. …Adjust the holdbacks up or down to get different looks. …Locate the studs on either side of the window. …Attach the drapery holdbacks to the wall. …More items…

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  • How do you hang tiebacks on curtains?

  • To place tiebacks high, measure the length of the curtains and divide by three. Place the tiebacks a third of the way down the curtain or as close to it as possible to keep the tiebacks within reach. Low tiebacks allow the top of the curtain to hang dramatically.

  • How do you hang a curtain Panel on the wall?

  • Adjust the levels until you are satisfied, and mark the spot on the wall. Tie a plumb line to the outermost ring or glider on the curtain rod or rail and drop the weight down. When the string touches the curtain, pull the curtain panel in toward the the middle of the window so the string hangs freely.

  • How high off the floor should a curtain tieback be?

  • For rope tassel ties, measure up 45 inches from the floor. Use the pencil to place a mark at the appropriate measurement based on the type of tieback and the curtain length.

  • How high should curtains be mounted on the wall?

  • Measure 39 inches up from the floor if the curtains are 84 inches long or floor-length. Have a friend hold the curtain panel back at this level, and stand on the other side of the room to see if you like it. If not, have your friend adjust the level higher or lower until you are satisfied. Mark the spot on the wall lightly in pencil.

    where to hang holdbacks for curtains

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