where to hang curtains above window

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A rule of thumb (from Architectural Digest) is that curtains should be hungbetween four to six inches above the window frame, so install your curtain rod accordingly. When you hang the curtain rod high, it will make the window appear taller. How Fabric Impacts Curtains

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  • What is the best way to hang curtains on a window?

  • Your best move is to hang curtains within 8 inches of the top of the window frame. For very tall windows, which are popular in many modern homes, that means placing the rod as close to the ceiling as possible攊n fact, you might want to install rods designed to actually hang from the ceiling.

  • How high should you hang curtains with rods?

  • Once you have determined how wide to place your drapery, figure out how high to mount the rod. This is an easy task. Hang them just below the ceiling leaving 1 or 2 inches above the drapes so the window treatment won appear tight or crowded.

  • Do curtains have to hang above or below the floor?

  • Curtains that drag on the floor could pose a tripping hazard and collect dust more easily. For the ideal middle ground, curtains should hover just above the floor. To find the right curtain length, measure from the floor to where you’ll hang the rod (usually 4 to 6 inches above the window frame).

  • How to hang curtains with a 10 foot ceiling?

  • Hanging the curtains with 10 foot ceilings is a little more tricky. Often the ceiling are this high because the windows are oversized meaning there is not much space over the window to place the curtain rod. In this case you should do one of two things: hang it a close as you can to the ceiling, or hang the curtains from the ceiling.

    where to hang curtains above window

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