where to get curtains cleaned

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  • How should I Clean my curtains?

  • How you choose to clean your curtains depends on how heavily you want to clean them and what type of material your curtains are made out of. Lace and sheer fabric will require softer cleanings while heavier materials can often be washed like regular clothes.

  • How much does curtain cleaning cost in the UK?

  • A basic lined curtain will cost on average 5.60 per square meter to be cleaned professionally. A typical lined curtain will cost on average 12 per kg to be cleaned professionally.

  • Can You Send curtains and drapes out for cleaning?

  • If you are sending curtains and drapes out for cleaning, a safer (and more expensive) option is a firm specializing in drapery cleaning. These firms will come into your home, remove the draperies for cleaning, then rehang them after cleaning is complete.

  • Should you hire a professional to clean your curtains?

  • Periodic cleanings keep your home free from dust and allergens, and they preserve the life of your curtains. If the drapes are dry-clean only or you檙e worried about damaging them, it probably best to hire a professional cleaning service.

    where to get curtains cleaned

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