where to buy eyelets for curtains

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  • What sizes do curtain eyelets come in?

  • Curtain eyelets are available in four sizes to suit all curtain pole diameters, they are 25mm, 40mm, 50mm and 66mm. We also have a square eyelet in the popular 40mm size. As well as the main curtain eyelet range we can also offer smaller eyelets for use in tie-backs or roman blinds.

  • How do you attach metal eyelets to a curtain?

  • A strong curtain tape with 40mm gunmetal metal eyelets fixed firmly into the heading An over-lapping 2cm opening in the bottom of the tape into which the top of your curtain can be inserted and then simply sewn together The eyelets are spaced at 18cms between eyelets (centre to centre) ?6 eyelets in 1 mtr of?/div>Curtain Eyelets Eyelet Tape | Curtain Genius

  • Can you put eyelet curtains in the dryer?

  • However, if in doubt, handwashing and air/line-drying are the best methods for eyelet curtains because the movement of the washing machine and tumble dryer may damage or loosen the metal eyelets.

  • What is the size of a Matt eyelet?

  • Eyelet ?matt finish ?44mm Inside diameter 44mm (1.75? Outside diameter 70mm (2.75? For use with curtain rods maximum 35mm diameter Price shown is for a complete eyelet (1 front 1 back) (for eyelets without pre-cut tape) Using you own spacing measurements draw some circles on your fabric top. They must be?/div>Curtain Eyelets Eyelet Tape | Curtain Genius

    where to buy eyelets for curtains

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