where should curtains stop

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  • Where should Curtains hang in front of a window?

  • If there a radiator, a couch, or other large piece of furniture directly in front of the window, or the window has an exceptionally deep sill, then your curtains should hang down to right above the obstruction, not to the floor. Before buying drapes, determine your desired length.

  • Can you push the curtains back on a window frame?

  • First, because the rod extends beyond the width of the window, the curtains won’t block any light when you choose to push them back. Also, the hung curtains will completely cover the window frame.

  • How far should curtain rods be from the window?

  • Most often, curtain rods are hung outside the window frames in bedrooms and living rooms and generally extend a few inches beyond the actual window width. Current style guidelines call for curtain rods that are three to six inches wider than the window on each side.

  • How low should curtains and drapes hang?

  • The answer isn necessarily intuitive, especially since most windows in a home don extend all the way to the ground, but more often than not, curtains and drapes look best when they reach the floor. However, just how low drapes should hang actually depends on a few factors, and sometimes you may even want them to exceed floor length.

    where should curtains stop

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