where should a shower curtain hit

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  • Where to place shower curtain in bathroom?

  • So, you place the shower in the inside part of the tub, measure and use the correct sized curtain. 2. Outside Edge of The Tub It is the most popular option as you can hang any beautifully decorative curtain on the rod if you placed it outside edge of the tub.

  • Should shower curtain rods be inside or outside the tub?

  • It will be a wise decision to place the shower curtain rod completely outside of the tub if you owe a large luxurious bathroom. It will make a separate showering portion of the tub. In addition to that, it will ensure that you get more room for having a comfy shower.

  • Which side of the shower liner goes inside the tub?

  • The smooth (good) side of the liner should be visible when you are standing in the tub. A liner is a liner, not a curtain. I put a white liner (inside the tub) behind the curtain (outside the tub). I hang the right side facing out (facing the inside of the shower curtain).

  • How do you fix a shower curtain that won’t stay up?

  • Double check that the liner is on the wet side of the shower and the curtain is on the dry side, facing out into the bathroom. Confirm that the rod is sturdy and the curtain slides easily.

    where should a shower curtain hit

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