where does a curtain rod go

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Bare minimum: at least3?to 6?higher than the top of the window,if you have that much room to work with. Even better: halfway between the top of the window and the ceiling,plus an inch or two. If you have crown molding,mount the curtain rod right beneath the crown molding.

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  • Where should curtain rod brackets be placed?

  • If you have a low ceiling, place the curtain rod brackets higher, if it is wide, extend the brackets to fill all the spaces in the window width. It is important to note that there are some determinant factors to where your curtain rod brackets should be placed.

  • How to choose the right curtain rods for your home?

  • However, if you have children, you may prefer curtains that fall a few inches below the window frame, preventing the children from playing in your curtains and pulling the rod off the wall. In addition, curtain rod brackets usually secure to the wall studs around the window frame.

  • How to install Cafe curtain rods?

  • Mark the location of the valance rod brackets at the top corners of the window, directly above the marks for the cafe curtain rod brackets. Cafe curtains are usually installed with a matching valance covering the top of the window and frame. 4. Install the Curtain

  • How far can you Expand a curtain rod?

  • Consider the length of the rod when hanging the brackets. Though most curtain rods are adjustable, you don’t want the distance between the brackets to be so wide that the rod sags in the middle. In general, you shouldn’t increase the length of the expanded rod by more than 50 percent.

    where does a curtain rod go

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