where can i get curtains dyed

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  • Can You dye curtains?

  • Curtains can be dyed to colour-match or complement your paint for an uniquely coordinated effect. Any curtains that are a solid colour and made from natural fibres should dye successfully. Curtains made from mixed fibres or polyester may dye unevenly.

  • How long do you leave curtains in the dye bath?

  • Once the additives are in the water, allow the curtains to soak in the dye bath for about two hours. This amount of time is standard if you want to produce the intended shade; however, you can leave the curtains in for a shorter or longer time if you want a lighter or darker shade, respectively.

  • Can You Wash curtains with dye in the washing machine?

  • Do not drain the dye bath if you dyed the curtains in your washing machine. Simply run the machine using the water already inside. Run them through a warm/cold cycle. Add 1 to 2 Tbsp (15 to 30 ml) liquid laundry detergent to the washing machine and run it on a normal to warm wash cycle with a cool rinse.

  • Where can I get my clothes dyed to order?

  • There are few businesses willing to do custom dyeing-to-order these days. You will probably not be able to find a local dyer or dry cleaner willing to redye your clothing for you, but you can mail it to one of the five dyeing services listed in the topmost box, below.

    where can i get curtains dyed

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