where can i buy net curtains

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  • Where can I buy net curtains and Voiles?

  • Woodyatt Curtains provides a huge range of net curtains and voiles online, regularly adding new designs to our website. Our net curtain and voile designs will suit a wide varierty of tastes and styles.

  • What are net net curtains and how do they work?

  • Net curtains are sometimes known as voile curtains or voile panels, and are characterised by the sheer, net like material that are commonly used as a window dressing, functioning as a privacy veil during the daytime.

  • What are the different sizes of net curtains?

  • These nets are available in more than 20 colours, from classic, crisp white to dramatic black and almost every different shade in between. They are also available in a wide range of sizes, from a width of 142cm to a width of 200cm. These net curtains are 100% polyester and suitable for use with both poles and wires.

  • What is the best curtain net for privacy?

  • A scroll design is a strong choice for anyone who wants a patterned curtain for the added privacy but isn’t a fan of floral designs. This is a top-quality net from a trusted brand that boasts the benefit of a lead-weighted base which gives it a beautiful straight hang.

    where can i buy net curtains

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