where can i buy curtain rod brackets

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  • What kind of Rod do you use to hang curtains?

  • Sturdy curtain rod brackets are made to support even the heaviest drapes. If you’d like to hang a set of sheer curtains behind your drapes, double curtain rod brackets can accommodate two rods, and many are adjustable for the diameter of the rod you choose.

  • What are curtain brackets?

  • Curtain brackets are an important piece of hardware in any home. You can choose brackets that match the finish and style of your curtain rod and rings for a pulled-together look.

  • What are rod brackets used for?

  • Standard rod brackets are used to fix your window rod to the wall, and will normally be included with your chosen curtain rod as part of the fixings. However, in some circumstances you may want to put up additional brackets, either for heavy curtains or for certain types of walls, or if you have wide windows.

  • How do I know what brand of curtain rod I have?

  • One of the best places to look is on the bracket. Frequently, curtain rod makers will stamp a part number or their logo on the back of the bracket. You may also be able to find a part number inside the metal channel of the rod or on the end pulley assembly. If you know the manufacturer of your curtain rod, you’re already half way there.

    where can i buy curtain rod brackets

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