what’s a curtain wall

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A curtain wall is anouter covering of a buildingin which the outer walls are nonstructural but are attached to the building structure and used to keep out the weather.

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  • What is a curtain wall system?

  • Unlike other building materials, a curtain wall system is thin and lightweight, usually aluminum and glass.

  • What are the benefits of curtain walls?

  • Because of the system ability to resist air and water infiltration, curtain walls are energy efficient. This will reduce your cost of heating, cooling, and lighting the building. So in addition to saving you money on construction, it has long-term savings benefits.

  • What are the different types of curtain walls?

  • System types. Curtain walls are available in three main systems: face-sealed, water-managed, and pressure-equalized. Face-sealed walls depend on perfect sealing between units of the wall and frame. Water-managed systems include moisture drains to prevent the intrusion of water in the building.

  • What is the difference between traditional curtain wall and integrated curtain wall?

  • In traditional or viscous curtain wall techniques, each system must be deployed one by one. Fitting requires high-quality testing and accuracy but in the integrated system, the factory product arises as two units that have to be associated.

    what’s a curtain wall

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