what’s a curtain wall

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Outer covering of a building

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  • What is a curtain wall system?

  • Unlike other building materials, a curtain wall system is thin and lightweight, usually aluminum and glass.

  • What is an aluminum curtain wall?

  • The wind and gravity loads of the curtain wall are transferred to the building structure, typically at the floor line. Aluminum framed wall systems date back to the 1930’s, and developed rapidly after World War II when the supply of aluminum became available for non-military use.

  • What is the difference between framing and curtain wall?

  • The framing is connected to the building structure and doesn convey the floor or roof loads of the building. The wind and gravity loads of the curtain wall are moved to the building structure, normally at the floor line.

  • What are the benefits of curtain walls?

  • Because of the system ability to resist air and water infiltration, curtain walls are energy efficient. This will reduce your cost of heating, cooling, and lighting the building. So in addition to saving you money on construction, it has long-term savings benefits.

    what’s a curtain wall

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