what width curtains for 8ft window

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  • How wide should curtains be for a 50 inch window?

  • Let’s say your window is 50 wide as an example. The minimum tab top / rod pocket curtains width you need is 75 (window width x 1.5 = minimum width needed) and the maximum width you need is 150 (window width x 3 = maximum width needed).

  • What size tab top curtains do I Need?

  • So, you will need a curtain (curtain pair or curtain set with a valance in between) with a width somewhere between 75 and 150 inches in order to properly accommodate your windows width and to achieve proper appearance. A few inches difference does not matter. Finding the Length you need: Length of the tab top curtains is measured overall.

  • How do you measure the right width for curtains?

  • Though it may seem like common sense to simply measure the window and use this width, determining the correct width for curtains requires a few more steps. Measure the width of your window at the top. Begin at the outer edge of one corner and extend your measuring tape to the opposite outer edge.

  • What size drapes do I need for my Window?

  • If your window if 106 inches wide, the width of the drapes you need is 114-120 wide. If your traverse rod is positioned 6 inches away from the wall, you will need to add extra 12 inches (6 inches on each side of the rod) plus the preferred size of the overlap in the middle (2-4 inches), which will make total extra required width 14-16 inches.

    what width curtains for 8ft window

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