what to do when curtains are too short

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Curtain clips

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  • How can I shorten the length of my curtains?

  • Other than taking out the seam and using hooks, you could try lowering the curtain rod. Some curtains have a little top portion above where the rod goes that will add an extra inch or so to the length (the curtain will still cover the window but the rod won’t be above the top of the window, if that makes sense).

  • What happens if curtains are too short?

  • Curtains that are too short make the room look short, stubby and awkward. The cut the length of the wall, making both the window and the room look smaller. An example of curtains that are way too short! Curtains that are the right length cause the room to feel spacious and intentional, and make the windows look bigger.

  • How do you fold curtains to make them fit?

  • Fold the top of the curtain over so the curtains are the right length. Measure the length you want your curtains to be, then fold them over from the top. Make sure the fold goes toward the back of the curtain.

  • How can I Make my Room look taller with longer curtains?

  • 1) Get the 96?length curtains and re-hang your rod higher on your wall, if you have the room. (Zero cost) There is often at least a foot of space between the window trim and the ceiling, so you can install the rod in that space, solving your curtain problem and also making your room feel taller.

    what to do when curtains are too short

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