what size shower curtain rod do i need

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It is recommended to go with a wide shower curtain for a curved rod. The general measurement is72?(W) x 72?(L)to ensure the entire tub is covered with a curved rod. Do not compromise on this as a traditional shower curtain will leave a significant amount of the tub uncovered.

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  • How high should a shower curtain rod be?

  • What you need to consider when marking where your shower rod should hang are the length of the curtain, hook size, and keeping the bottom hem of the curtain at least 1 to 2 inches off the floor. Since the standard shower curtain height is between 70 and 72 inches, the standard shower curtain rod height is around 75 and 77 inches.

  • What size shower curtain do I need for my Tub?

  • You will need a shower curtain that is about 180 inches wide and 72 inches tall. This width is enough to encircle the entire tub. While the length of the curtain should be enough to hang from a rod on the ceiling and allow for a bit of an overlap with the liner to keep the water inside.

  • What size curtain rods do I Need?

  • For wood curtain rods, the diameters available are between 1 鈪?inch and three inches. Whereas wrought iron, hollow rods, and other metal rods are more flexible and have thinner options than wood. Metal rod diameters include inch, inch, 鈪?inch, all the way to three inches.

  • How far into the tub should a shower rod be?

  • Purchase a standard shower rod no thicker than 1 3/8 inches in diameter. How far into the tub should a shower curtain hang? Standard tubs often have a depth of between 12 and 14 inches. Unless you have a custom-made home, showerheads usually sit at approximately 80 inches above the tub floor, or 6-feet, 8-inches up the wall.

    what size shower curtain rod do i need

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