what size screw for curtain pole

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  • How do I install a curtain pole?

  • Place the curtain pole in the centre of the brackets using the insulation tape as a guide for the centre bracket. Double check that the overhang at each end is the same and you are happy with the position of the pole. Remove the insulation tape from the pole and tighten up the bracket screws. Curtain pole rings either side of centre bracket

  • How far up should Curtain Pole be from window?

  • Most poles or tracks are positioned 12-15cm up from the top of the window, so now mark this distance from the centre point. Curtain poles usually require two brackets towards either end of the pole, positioned 10cm in from the end.

  • How long does a curtain ring pole need to be?

  • Ensure you have measured correctly the length of the pole needed to fit your window. The required length is usually the width between the brackets with an additional 5 – 6cms either end of the pole so that there is enough room for one curtain ring between the bracket and the finial. 7.

  • How to measure a curtain pole or track?

  • 1 Measure for your curtain pole or track To measure for a pole or track fitting, first measure the width of the window recess. … 2 Measure for the centre point of your pole/track To get a centred pole or track, or to measure for the centre bracket if your curtain pole requires it, … 3 Measure for the end brackets

    what size screw for curtain pole

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