what size curtain rod for 75 inch window

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The minimum tab top /rodpocket curtains width you need is 75 (window width x 1.5 = minimum width needed) and the maximum width you need is 150 (window width x 3 = maximum width needed).

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  • What size curtain rod for 48 inch Windows?

  • To accomplish that, you would need to make sure the curtain rod is at least 20 inches larger than the original window size of 48 inches, or 68 inches. This would result in all 48 inches of window glass showing when curtains are fully opened.

  • Are curtain rods adjustable?

  • Since standard window sizes cover a wide range, most curtain rods in the market are adjustable. For each curtain rod size, there is a minimum and maximum length. You can read our article on standard window size for a complete guide.

  • How do you measure a curtain rod size?

  • Support wikiHow by unlocking this expert answer. First, you should measure your window – you want a rod that can extend by at least 4 inches on each side of the window. The thickness of the rod is determined by how heavy the curtains are and how large the window is.

  • How high should curtain rods be hung?

  • Based on your personal preference, you can choose to hang your curtain rods a few inches above the window or go a bit higher and evenly split the distance between the top of the window frame and your room crown molding or ceiling.

    what size curtain rod for 75 inch window

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