what size curtain rod for 40 inch window

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It would be a flat valance on a 40- or 42-inch window, while it would be slightly gathered on smaller windows. The curtain rod brackets should bebetween 3 and 5 inchesdeep on each side. A 50-inch shaped valance on a 40-inch window.

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  • What size curtain rod do I need for a window?

  • The most commonly sought-after sizes and styles feature a 1 and 3/8 inch (in diameter) size curtain rod to a 2 inch curtain rod, typically for windows with a length measuring between 66-120 inches. Browse your go-to design magazines, websites or blogs to explore current color trends or pattern styles that make you feel inspired.

  • How many curtain panels do I need for 84 inch curtains?

  • You need to get 2 curtain panels that are at least 40 inches wide. The length will be determined by how tall the window is and if you want the drapes to fall on the floor or hit right above it. Thanks! How high should a curtain rod be for 84-inch curtains?

  • What is considered an extra-long curtain rod?

  • Any curtain rod longer than 60 inches is considered an extra-long rod. Due to the extra length, you should consider additional support brackets when installing 66 to 120-inch curtain rods. Depending on the type of curtain, you will likely want a diameter rod of at least one inch.

  • Is there a standard size for drapery rods?

  • When you order drapery rods online, it crucial to select the proper size for your particular window and drapery design. Unfortunately, there is no standard size when it comes to windows. Even in the same room, windows that look identical may vary slightly in size.

    what size curtain rod for 40 inch window

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