what region was described as being behind the iron curtain

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The Iron Curtain described hard borders betweenEastern Europeand the rest of the continent during the Cold War. These borders were formed in the years after World War II,as Soviet-controlled regimes in the East sought to tighten control and prevent both emigration and infiltration.

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  • What was the Iron Curtain?

  • The Iron Curtain was a Cold War name for the borders between Western and Soviet Europe. It was coined by Winston Churchill in 1946 during a speech in Fulton, Missouri. 2. The formation of a Soviet bloc in Europe occurred after World War II.

  • What countries were part of the Iron Curtain?

  • The Iron Curtain included Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, East Germany, Romania, Poland and Albania. The Iron Curtain symbolized the political separation between Soviet-controlled and nonSoviet areas in Europe, which set the stage for the Cold War.

  • What did Churchill say about the Iron Curtain in 1946?

  • In 1946, Winston Churchill gave a speech that described Soviet-dominated countries as falling under an 渋ron curtain.?This illustrated the anticipation of distrust between the Soviet Union and the Allied Nations, with the antagonism building up to the Cold War.

  • What were the effects of the Iron Curtain on Hungary?

  • The Iron Curtain. The Soviet Union took the old principle of 渓a guerre doit nourrir la guerre?[榯he war must feed the war橾 seriously, and the Red Army lived off the land. Besides carrying the legal burden of the armistice obligations, Hungary suffered through illegal seizure and large-scale looting.

    what region was described as being behind the iron curtain

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