what length curtains for 12 foot ceilings

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132 inches

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  • How long do curtains have to be for a 9-foot ceiling?

  • The typical high ceiling is nine feet high, and that means that you will have to choose curtain lengths that will work for that length. The question remains, how long do those curtains have to be? People who have 9-foot ceilings traditionally turn to 96-inch curtains to get the polished and complete look they want to have.

  • How high should curtains be hung above a 10 foot ceiling?

  • These curtains can range from 6 inches above the frame to just below the ceiling depending on the window size. Hanging the curtains with 10 foot ceilings is a little more tricky.

  • What is the standard length of a curtain?

  • Standard curtains come in three lengths?4 inches, 96 inches, or 108 inches. Generally, you want to stay away from the 84 inch standard curtains unless you have very low ceilings.

  • What are the best curtains for high ceilings?

  • If your living space has high ceilings already, compliment them with tall curtain lengths. Floor-to-ceiling curtains can also help to divide space, whether you’re tucking away a window seat (like the floor-to-ceiling curtains via Lonny ) or cutting a whole room in half.

    what length curtains for 12 foot ceilings

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