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Water screen

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  • What is a water curtain system?

  • Water Curtain systems constitute a set of nozzles that are mounted radially to diffuse water at high pressure during fire accidents. This system best prevents the spread of fire across walls, windows, and ceiling thus preventing total unwanted damage in the space.

  • What is a high velocity water curtain system?

  • The discharge and distribution of water is uniform in high-velocity water curtain systems or otherwise known as sprayers. These nozzles are usually connected to water, air or pressurized nitrogen sources through which a deluge valve is opened which fire detection systems raise an alarm.

  • Is the water curtain barrier fire rated wall?

  • The barrier can be fire rated wall (or any assembly) or fire curtains or water curtain. Since the question is about water curtain system, I will explain what is it and how does it work.

  • What is a fire curtain system?

  • Water curtain system is one of the active fire suppression system (Active fire suppression system means it becomes active only when there is fire). As the name itself defines, if forms a curtain to prevent spread of smoke / heat / flame from fire captured area to no fire area.

    what is water curtain

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