what is the standard size for curtains

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48 inches wide

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  • What is the standard length of curtains?

  • Usually, curtains are available in the following lengths: 63 inches 84 inches 96 inches

  • What is the best height for curtains?

  • The optimal height for a rod is 3-5 inches (7-12 cm) above the top edge of the window frame. When determining the most suitable length of curtains, they are guided not only by the height of windows and ceilings but also by the room purpose as a whole.

  • How much space should be between curtain rod and window?

  • They simply won provide enough coverage. Your ideal curtain size should always start at a bare minimum of 6 inches over the size of the window. This will give you a good 4 inches of leeway above the curtain to fit the rod, plus at least a couple of extra inches below the window.

  • How do you measure for curtains?

  • You should measure from the floor up to the rod where you plan on placing your curtains and make sure to measure it with a trustworthy measuring tape. Pro tip: If you want your windows to seem wide and high you should consider adding extra inches to measurements. Do not go higher than a few inches.

    what is the standard size for curtains

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