what is the longest length of curtains

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144 inches

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  • What is the standard length of curtains?

  • Usually, curtains are available in the following lengths: 63 inches 84 inches 96 inches

  • Where can I buy extra long curtains?

  • Curtainworks ?an online store for regular length as well as extra long curtains. It hard not to trust them since they have really good reviews. The maximum length is 144 inches. Curtains come in several pleat styles at very reasonable prices.

  • Is the curtain width of Your House important?

  • Most of the time the curtain width is not the problem. Standard curtain panels are usually 48 inches wide. If you maybe have windows that are wider, you can always put more curtains on them. What the real issue is, is the curtain length. The curtain length is, usually, one of the following:

  • Are 84 inch curtains too long?

  • Generally, you want to stay away from the 84 inch standard curtains unless you have very low ceilings. They don’t look right in most scenarios and end up being an awkward length, says Curtis.

    what is the longest length of curtains

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