what is the correct way to hang curtains

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Rod pockets

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  • How do you hang curtains with rods?

  • The most traditional way to hang curtains in any room is to use rod pockets. The pockets are made of a casing sewn on the rear of the drapery panel at the top to conceal the rod beneath the curtain. The rod pockets give the curtain fabric an easy way to run back on itself, creating a pocket that a rod can fit into perfectly.

  • What should I consider when hanging curtains?

  • Before you hang your curtains, you’ll want to measure your window’s dimensions and carefully install a curtain rod. Hanging your curtains correctly depends on a strong, level rod.

  • How should I Hang my drapes?

  • ?The curtain length is another important factor. Ideally, you檒l want your drapes to slightly reach the floor. Hanging them from rod pockets or tabs will raise the upper part of the fabric. In this case, hang your drapes with clips just below the rod.

  • How do you hang curtains with hidden tabs?

  • Hidden tab panels are a simple way to hang your curtains as they provide a pleated look. Hidden tabs feature a series of flat loops or tabs that are sewn along the back of the curtain panel over the pole. These hidden tabs make the drapery look as though it is floating on the pole.

    what is the correct way to hang curtains

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