what is curtain wall installation

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A curtain wall system is anexterior covering of a building in which the exterior walls are non-structural,utilized only to keep the weather and keep occupants in. Since the curtain wall is non-structural,it can be made of lightweight materials,which will reduce the cost of construction.

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  • What is curtain wall construction?

  • These are aluminium framed, the non-load bearing system which are hanging from the floor slabs and columns. The curtain wall construction is classified as two as stick system and unitized system.

  • How do you install a curtain wall on a garage wall?

  • 5| Curtain Wall Installation Guide 1. Once the first mullion (or corner piece) is in place and plumb level, fasten the bracket using either flathead or concrete screws (depending on surface) straight into the bracket holes. 2. Remove the compensation block on the bottom transom to ease installation of horizontal members.

  • What is stick curtain walling?

  • In the stick curtain-wall system, the walls are usually suspended in front of structural steel or concrete framing, and these walls are non-load bearing walls. These walling systems are versatile and allow for integrating other methods such as sliding windows and doors.

  • What is a unitized curtain wall system?

  • Before shipping to the building site for installation, a unitized curtain-wall system comprises large units that are pre-assembled and glazed in the factory. Thermal efficiency, sound transmission, and fire safety become the critical performance criteria of the unitized curtain-walling system.

    what is curtain wall installation

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