what is an air curtain burner

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An air curtain destructor,or air curtain burner,uses advanced technology to burn wood waste in an efficient manner. Available in a few different models,air curtain burners are mobile and efficient machines that can aid in everything from disaster clean-up to construction disposal. What is the purpose of an air curtain burner?

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  • How do air curtain burners work?

  • Air Curtain Burners are revolutionary in the world of debris management and especially when it comes to waste burning. What Is An Air Curtain Destructor? In short, air curtain burners are a piece of equipment that creates a fast moving curtain of air across a burn pit or trench. How Does a Trench Burner or Air Curtain Incinerator Work?

  • What is an air curtain incinerator?

  • (a) An air curtain incinerator operates by forcefully projecting a curtain of air across an open, integrated combustion chamber (fire box) or open pit or trench (trench burner) in which combustion occurs. For the purpose of this subpart and subpart FFFF of this part only, air curtain incinerators include both firebox and trench burner units.

  • What is the difference between a trench burner and air curtain?

  • The trench burner is effective in reducing smoke and other pollutants especially where open burning is prohibited by law. The air curtain burner creates and maintains a uniform curtain of air across the top of a pit in which the burning is done.

  • What is an air curtain in a fire box?

  • The air curtain is like a lid covering the opening in a FireBox. The particles of smoke rising on the hot gasses of the fire are trapped under the air curtain. These smoke particles are then reburned and their size is significantly reduced.

    what is an air curtain burner

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