what is a typical shower curtain size

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Without a doubt,there is a standard shower curtain size. It72 inches by 72 inches. However,it possible to also see 渟tandard?shower curtain sizes in 70 inches by 70 inches,as well as 72 inches by 70 inches.

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  • What size is an extra long shower curtain?

  • Measurements are Width by Length: An extra long shower curtain most often measures 70?by 84? This is also the same measurement for an extra tall shower curtain. Other sizes for an extra long are 72?by 84?

  • What is the standard shower curtain rod height?

  • Since the standard shower curtain height is between 70 and 72 inches, the standard shower curtain rod height is around 75 and 77 inches. Do shower curtains go inside or outside of the tub?

  • What is the standard shower curtain size for mitovilla?

  • Fortunately, MitoVilla shower curtains come in several different sizes to accommodate a wide range of tubs. you have the perfect fit. This shower curtain size guide will help you determine which size to purchase. The industry standard for a shower curtain is 72 inches by 72 inches.

  • How do I choose a shower curtain?

  • 2?+ [Shower curtain length] + [Hook size] = [Shower rod height] For example, if you have a 70?to 72?tall shower curtain, your shower curtain rod height will likely sit at around 75?to 77? When you檙e choosing a shower curtain, you shouldn just consider the design of the curtain.

    what is a typical shower curtain size

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