what goes with purple curtains

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Light and sheer

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  • What color curtains go with purple sofa?

  • Or, instead of using electric or dark purple, try lavender which is pastel variant of purple. It looks absolutely nice between dark blue walls and bright yellow curtains behind it. Among so many other colors that go with purple, greys are the best ones. White walls might be a simple background for purple sofa, but greys around purple are excellent.

  • What colours go with purple walls?

  • Colors used with purple in this room: Black, grey, white and red. 2. Primary Bedroom with Light Purple Ceiling, Walls and Valiance I don think a lot of people will get excited with this room because purple isn an accent color. Purple is the main event, making up over 70% of the room color scheme.

  • What kind of curtains do you use for eggplant purple walls?

  • A deep-toned custom bed, sheer pink-purple curtains, and walls painted in Grappa come together in harmony. In an eggplant purple dining room, J. Robert Scott chairs are upholstered in a Fortuny cotton, the walls are covered in a JAB wool and Houls nailheads, and the curtains are of a Donghia cotton.

  • What colors go well with eggplant purple?

  • Cover a bathroom wall with eggplant purple and leave the others in white. Since red is the basic color of purple, orange that also comes from red will be purple best friend. Wall ornament consists of combination between purple and orange is extraordinary.

    what goes with purple curtains

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