what goes with grey curtains

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Gray is a neutral color,which means that any color you pick would work. The best neutrals to pair with grey includewhite,grey,and beige. Top color choices for curtains include pink,blue,green,and yellow.

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  • What color curtains go with gray walls?

  • Oatmeal is another neutral color that goes well with gray due to the blend of yellow and gray tones. Since gray walls can make a room feel cold and unwelcoming, soft colors like oatmeal warm the space up. Choosing warmer accent colors with oatmeal-colored curtains allows the gray walls to feel light and airy rather than cold and boring.

  • What color furniture goes with a gray sofa?

  • This cozy living room has a great mix of color with neutral grays. The cream curtains and gray sofa are great together. Adding the pink pillows with black-and-gray ones adds beautiful color to the couch and room. The soft, gray rug is a nice addition. This can be switched out with a rug in a pink design to match with the pillows.

  • Do oatmeal curtains go with grey walls?

  • Sometimes, grey walls can make a room feel somewhat cold. But, a set of oatmeal curtains in a room with grey walls opens up the possibility of decorating with warmer accents so you can still get the light and airy feel of grey without the coldness of it.

  • What colour goes with grey?

  • Key colours that go with grey. 1 1. Pale grey and ochre. Image credit: Future PLC/ Joanna Henderson. Very much the colour of the moment this elegant shade of yellow is being teamed … 2 2. Grey and pure white. 3 3. Grey and blush pink. 4 4. Grey and navy blue. 5 5. Grey and yellow. More items

    what goes with grey curtains

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