what does a curtain in vision look like

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A curtain coming down in the eye may appear asgreyness in your field of visionor a curtain/veil falling across your field of vision. Seeing a curtain coming down in the eye is usually an indication of a retinal detachment.

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  • What is shadow or dark curtain in vision?

  • Shadow or Dark Curtain in Vision. Leer en Espaol: Sombra o cortina oscura en la visin. Dec. 07, 2015. A shadow or dark curtain describes when vision is decreased or partially blocked by dark or grey shapes moving across or in the side of the visual field.

  • Is a dark curtain coming over the Carlson EyeCare Center?

  • – Dr. Carlson Associates Retinal Detachment- A dark curtain has come over the Carlson Eyecare Center family. Last weekend, our clinical director, Rachel, called me describing the appearance of a curtain or shade that had come down over her right eye superior part of her vision.

  • What are the symptoms of cataracts in the eye?

  • An additional symptom can be a heavy feeling in the eye. A shadow that starts to appear in the peripheral vision and gradually spreads towards the center of the field of vision. A sensation that a transparent curtain is coming down over the field of vision. Straight lines can start to appear curved. There is not usually any pain.

  • Is it normal to see thin strands of hair in vision?

  • Have you experienced a strand of hair that falls into your line of sight ?but when you go to brush it away, there is nothing there? Thin strands in the vision are usually nothing to worry about, and can be attributed to the presence of 榚ye floaters? However, occasionally this can be a symptom of something more serious.

    what does a curtain in vision look like

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