what colour curtains go with sage green walls

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Probably the simplest (and safest!) option iswhite. It clean,crisp and provides a beautiful contrast for your sage green walls. For minimal,Scandi-chic vibes,you can go wrong with a pair of bright white light filtering or semi-sheer curtains or shades. 2. Linen/Beige/Oatmeal/Natural/Off White

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  • What color goes well with Sage Walls?

  • The trick is to opt for a color a few shades darker than what you have on your walls. Colors like Hunter Green, Forest Green, Emerald and even dark teal pair beautifully with soft sage green walls and really help ground a space to complete a look.

  • What color curtains are best for a green room?

  • Curtains for a green room are always selected with contrast in mind. So even if you檙e opting for a green on green look, always make sure that your curtains are at least three or four shades lighter than the wall hue in order to create some great visual dynamics in your space!

  • What color curtains go with blue walls?

  • Sage is the shade of green that moseys into the blue territory, so you can select curtains with bold blue patterns for these walls. Florals are always welcome, but you can also go for curtain fabrics that feature geometric patterns, retro designs, or more.

  • What color is sage green?

  • Sage green is a calm color that is used in many homes as a primary paint color or furniture color. It is a green color hinted with gray.

    what colour curtains go with sage green walls

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