what color rod for white curtains

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Lightweight, unlined white linen curtains would probably call for a lighter, simpler curtain rod, such as aDesigner Metals Satin Nickelcurtain rod, while dark silk curtains trimmed with fringe might look better with a 2?diameter mahogany or black wood rod. The DRD Elemental Collection combines sophistication without a high price.

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  • What colour should curtain rods be in a bedroom?

  • Here again in the bedroom below, the thin, dark coloured rods are repeated in the canopy bed and the bedroom accent furniture. The curtain rods appear to be white in the bedroom below. This helps to make the curtain rods almost disappear in this mostly white bedroom, instead of drawing unnecessary attention to them.

  • Should curtains be white or colored?

  • If you have too much color in your room and you are worried that the curtains will add too much color to the room and keep it busy, go for white curtains. They match the walls and give the room integrity that many people prefer. If you are working with a living room, you can coordinate your curtains with your sofa or rug.

  • What color curtains go with black walls and Windows?

  • If you have white walls, pick a soft shade of black for windows. The dark curtains contrasting with the light walls create a focal point at the window. A soft shade of black offsets the dense saturation of pure black. Layering gives the best of both worlds. Use the dark color for mood, thermal insulation or to keep light out.

  • What color curtains go with orange dotted rods?

  • Orange dotted curtains create a strong, bright contrast for a normally quiet bedroom. The large polka rod curtain couldn be more charming! The touch of green tones in a living room brings freshness and beauty to the area. Green is a refreshing shade for the eyes that welcomes you in style every morning and night.

    what color rod for white curtains

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