what color rod for white curtains

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  • How to choose the right colour for your curtain rods?

  • Think of your curtain rods like eyeliner: they are there to frame the room and give it depth, but not to command all the attention for themselves. Look at the dark furniture in the room when choosing a colour for your rods.

  • What are curtain rods made of?

  • Curtain rods are also available in a variety of colors, though the most common colors are brass finish, white, and ivory. In addition, they can be made from wood, vinyl, or metal.

  • What size curtain rods for white chairs?

  • My curtain rods also relate to the stainless steel legs of my white chairs. To my eye, slim rods look better than fat ones, so I always look for drapery rods that are close to 1?in diameter. Rarely should you go thinner than 1?curtain rod.

  • Do I need a curtain rod between two windows?

  • If you can see all the windows at the same time, then yes. You might even need the same drapery between rooms if your home is very open concept-like. The more obvious separation there is between rooms, though, the less you need to be concerned with coordinating rods between them.

    what color rod for white curtains

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