what color curtains with navy blue walls

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  • How to choose curtains for blue walls?

  • The easiest way to find the perfect curtains for your blue walls is by choosing a blue color. The reason is none other but the compatibility of the colors that belong to the same category.

  • What colors go well with navy blue curtains?

  • Tone down navy blue’s serious overtones by layering in terra-cotta, lime green, lemony yellow, orange, and coral to fashion cheerful calypso cadences. Cultivate garden-fresh cottage looks by introducing flowery fabrics sporting touches of navy blue, leafy green, cornflower blue, daffodil yellow, and carnation pink.

  • What color curtains go with orange walls?

  • If you want to find excellent-looking curtains, another easy way to do is by choosing a color that is complementary to the wall tone. Since the wall color, we talk about in this post is blue, it will be best to match it with orange curtains.

  • What color should I paint my house with navy blue walls?

  • The way to use it should not always be navy on the walls and yellow as the accents of the place. Using navy blue color for the couch and yellow for the drapes in the living room can also be fantastic. The bright yellow background can pop the beauty of the blue shade even better.

    what color curtains with navy blue walls

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