what color curtains with brown furniture

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You can have it made from wood,leather,or even fabric. It檒l rock. But,what color curtains can you pair with brown? Brown furniture goes well with neutrals likegrey,beige,and cream. If you want a color,choosing shades of blue,red,yellow,orange,or even lilac can work well.

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  • Do curtains go with brown furniture?

  • If you檙e trying to decorate your living room, your largest piece of furniture will be the couch, so the curtains definitely need to work with it, however that may be difficult depending on the color ?specifically if it brown.

  • How to decorate a brown sofa in a living room?

  • Hang some green curtains in the room with your brown couch, add in some white accents and a macrame wall hanging and you have one trendy, beautiful room. Whether you love your brown sofa or hate it, it a focal point in your living room so you need to work around the color in order to create a cohesive space.

  • What are the best neutral curtains for a bedroom?

  • Look for something with various textures or shades of the creams and neutrals you want to use. These curtains, for instance, have a lot of character but still only consist of grey, cream, and black colors. Neutral curtains don have to be boring! One of the prettiest pairings is a deep burgundy and brown.

  • What color goes well with navy blue walls?

  • Much like white or cream, navy blue looks fantastic next to dark brown, light brown, camel brown, and basically every other shade! However, unlike white or cream, it also adds actual color into the space and gives you something to work off of when you檙e adding in other accents.

    what color curtains with brown furniture

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