what color curtains go with lilac walls

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A pretty purple lilac wall blossoms more withbaby bluecurtains. Opposite of the same such as a blue wall and purple bedroom goes well enough. It is a traditional sort of interior perfect for any space in homes.

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  • What color walls go with lilac walls?

  • If you want to ensure your lilac room sits firmly in the modern decor style, then use gray with this color. Concrete gray is a mid to light gray, which will be ideal with lilac, balancing out the bright tones with a duller hue.

  • What color curtains go with gray walls?

  • Oatmeal is another neutral color that goes well with gray due to the blend of yellow and gray tones. Since gray walls can make a room feel cold and unwelcoming, soft colors like oatmeal warm the space up. Choosing warmer accent colors with oatmeal-colored curtains allows the gray walls to feel light and airy rather than cold and boring.

  • How do you use lilac and grey together?

  • Combine gray and lilac on an accent wall using horizontal or vertical stripes or mix the two on bedding, accenting a gray and white quilt with lilac pillows and a throw. Hang lilac curtains on a gray wall or use a lilac area rug on gray carpeting.

  • How do I Choose curtains for light yellows walls?

  • Choose neutrals for a calm look, bright or deep colors if you want curtains to be an accent, or patterns for a more decorative feel. Thanks! For light yellows walls, which curtain colour do I choose?

    what color curtains go with lilac walls

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