what color curtains go with light grey walls

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One way to brighten up a grey room is to throw in somecoralcurtain panels! The colors pair really well together,but the coral really pops and makes an impact. You can play up the brightness even more by adding in some white accents or you can tone it down a bit with some navy blue touches .

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  • What color goes well with gray walls?

  • Oatmeal is another neutral color that goes well with gray due to the blend of yellow and gray tones. Since gray walls can make a room feel cold and unwelcoming, soft colors like oatmeal warm the space up.

  • What color curtains should you choose for your home?

  • There are many shades of grey and if yours lean on the lighter to medium-dark side, then you can choose curtains in a grey hue that is two to three shades darker than your wall. Although very basic, the simplicity of this idea will effuse your homes with a graceful, uncomplicated, and effortlessly chic aura.

  • Does chalk blue go with gray walls?

  • This color has light gray undertones, making it go excellent with gray walls, creating a soft accent that blends rather than contrasts with gray walls. Whether your walls are a dark gray or a lighter shade, chalk blue will make the perfect pairing. Because chalk blue has gray tones, it won add contrasting colors.

  • What color curtains go with charcoal grey walls?

  • However, if you檙e trying to go for a darker or masculine aesthetic, consider pairing them with charcoal grey. Charcoal grey curtains against light grey walls creates a gorgeous contrast without being too dark.

    what color curtains go with light grey walls

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