what color curtains go with grey bedding

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Navy blueis a superb choice for curtains to go with gray walls. This deep rich shade provides contrasting colors that draw the eye without darkening the room. Pair the look with brown camel furniture with warm-tone or neutral cream and white accents.

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  • What color curtains go with gray furniture?

  • Blue and gray are classic combinations that never go wrong. You can pick any shades of gray and mix it with random shades of blue, and the results will still at least acceptable. But when it comes to curtains among gray furniture, navy is our favorite.

  • What color bedding goes with gray walls and Pink Beds?

  • Tonys pink is a complementary color to mid-tone gray which means that it works well as an accent color to provide contrast between your bedding and gray walls. However, tonys pink is a pastel which means that it can promote openness and relaxation ?with potentially romantic undertones that can make your bedding feel warm and inviting.

  • What color carpet goes with gray walls?

  • Dark hardwood floors (like ebony, espresso, dark walnut) tend to go well with gray walls because starting with darker hues at the bottom and working with a mid-tone wall and lighter tone ceiling tends to be aesthetically pleasing. However, you can also use dark, earthy brown tones for your carpet to match your gray walls too.

  • Does chalk blue go with gray walls?

  • This color has light gray undertones, making it go excellent with gray walls, creating a soft accent that blends rather than contrasts with gray walls. Whether your walls are a dark gray or a lighter shade, chalk blue will make the perfect pairing. Because chalk blue has gray tones, it won add contrasting colors.

    what color curtains go with grey bedding

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