what color curtains go with dark gray couch

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Pairemerald greencurtains with a dark gray couch for a dramatic look,and paint the walls in a mid-gray color to keep the theme consistent while maintaining a contrast between the shades of gray. A pale gray couch can also look great with emerald green curtains,but be sure to match the look of the fabrics so that the style is cohesive.

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  • What curtains go with a gray sofa?

  • Get an idea of what curtains to pair with a gray sofa below. Light-tan curtains are swept off to the side of the window. A blanket draped over the gray couch matches the color of the curtains. Even though the curtains and couch are different neutral colors, these hues can be seen throughout the room to create a beautiful design.

  • What color curtains go with a purple couch?

  • Gray curtains are tied over white ones in this living room. They go with the grayish-purple couch. The large, gray curtains have stripes similar to the ones on the gray pillow. The bright-yellow chair adds some color to the room from the other side, as well as the fruit in the bowl on the table.

  • How to decorate a dark gray couch?

  • A toy bike on the side table is a unique choice for dcor. Teal curtains also go with a gray sofa. This bold color of blue looks beautiful when paired up with the dark gray couch. The huge, turquoise pillows and small, yellow one is a great way to add some color to the sofa. The blue blanket with patterns adds more color to the couch.

  • What color curtains should I use for my bedroom?

  • For a room with more modern-contemporary directions, we love to use simple striped curtains such as this curtain by Sunclipse. As you can see, the curtains blend seamlessly thanks to the gray elements, while its white add a beautiful and natural bright accent to light up the entire space.

    what color curtains go with dark gray couch

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