should you use the same curtain rods in every room

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Should adjoining rooms have the same rods?It depends. If you can see all the windows at the same time,then yes. You might even need the same drapery between rooms if your home is very open concept-like. The more obvious separation there is between rooms,though,the less you need to be concerned with coordinating rods between them.

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  • Do curtain rods need to match fabric?

  • Hardware Curtain rods should match the fabric. Heavier drapes such as velvets work well on large and somewhat decorative rods while light silks and sheers can sit on light-weight, thinner bars. That said, hardware should also compliment the rest of the room, and it’s helpful to repeat a material or tie in a theme.

  • How far should a curtain rod extend from a window?

  • Extending your curtain rod 3? inches (7.6?5.2 cm) beyond the frame of your window makes your window seem larger and allows additional light to stream in. This way, when your curtains are open, they will rest against the wall rather than blocking the light from the window.

  • Why choose drapery rods direct?

  • Whether your project calls for decorative curtain rods, custom curtain rods or extra-long curtain rods, Drapery Rods Direct provides products that meet your needs!

  • What colour should curtain rods be in a bedroom?

  • Here again in the bedroom below, the thin, dark coloured rods are repeated in the canopy bed and the bedroom accent furniture. The curtain rods appear to be white in the bedroom below. This helps to make the curtain rods almost disappear in this mostly white bedroom, instead of drawing unnecessary attention to them.

    should you use the same curtain rods in every room

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