should shower curtain be higher than shower head

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Any shower head should be adjustable with a cord of 59 inches or more, and any shower curtain should be no more than80 inches from the floor. The shower head itself should be fitted between 72 inches and 80 inches. More information about business requirements for shower heads can be found here.

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  • Should a shower curtain be higher or lower on the wall?

  • Hanging a shower curtain higher on the wall gives the illusion of a higher ceiling in the bathroom, while hanging the curtain lower can help hide an older tub or unsightly tiles. If you’re hanging it lower on the wall, ensure the top of the curtain is at least even with the shower head to prevent water from going over the curtain rod.

  • What is the standard height of a shower curtain rod?

  • Shower Curtain Rod Height A standard shower curtain is typically 72 inches long, so the curtain rod should be installed around 75 to 77 inches from the floor. This height will keep the shower…

  • What is the best shower head height for You?

  • What is the Best Shower Head Height? Many experts will tell you that the standard shower head height should be 80 inches above the floor of the bath. Although this dimension is ideal for most people, a shower head with a long neck can reduce this measurement by some inches.

  • Are shower curtain and shower liner the same length?

  • To make things easy I am going to assume that the shower curtain and shower curtain liner are the same length. Here in the US the standard shower curtain length is 70 to 72 inches (178 to 183 cm) and square, but it is getting easier to find shower curtains that are not the standard length.

    should shower curtain be higher than shower head

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