should curtains sit on window sill

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Therefore,ideally the curtains should beabove the sill,so that the sill protrudes below them and That way the heat rises in front of the curtains and into the room instead of behind them. If that’s not possible,a shelf above the radiator,or a radiator cabinet would provide the same effect.

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  • How long should curtains be below a window sill?

  • How long should curtains be below window sill? In traditional style, the curtain rod is about 6 inches above the top of the window, and it extends beyond the window 3 inches on each side. The curtain will hang 3 inches below the bottom of the window sill.

  • Should curtains be on the floor or side of a window?

  • If you like the style but want to avoid covering a radiator, floor-length also works as full-length dress curtains to frame the window either side. If you are choosing curtains for more of a decorative feel rather than to block out light, pooling the fabric on the floor will leave you with an indulgent and luxurious feel.

  • How long should a Bali drapery curtain be?

  • The truth is, it depends. Bali Drapery comes in five different curtain lengths, and each one serves a purpose. Here are my recommendations. 1. Sill: 1/2 above the window sill.

  • Do curtains have to cover window frames?

  • Also, the hung curtains will completely cover the window frame. In respect to this, should curtains touch the floor or window sill? In formal or dressy rooms, curtains should just touch the floor.

    should curtains sit on window sill

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