should carpet match curtains

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The carpet and curtainsdo not have to be a perfect match,they just have to blend well together. If your carpet is a soft green,go for a hunter or lime green for curtains. As long as the two are in the same colour family,it is hard to go wrong.

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  • Does the carpet need to match the curtains and drapes?

  • Why Does the Carpet Need to Match the Curtains and Drapes? Although your drapes and carpet do not need to be the same color or pattern, they do need to play nicely together. After all, they both serve the same purpose, which is to add to your overall room theme.

  • How to choose the right color curtains for a rug?

  • You can pick just one color from the motifs of the rug and choose a curtain in that color. Or, you could also pick three colors from the rug and combine them into the design of the drapes. If your rug has different colors in it, opt for the lighter color for the curtains.

  • What color curtains go with blue carpeting?

  • Keeping the colors in the same family puts you in a safe spot. Complementary colors are great for matching carpet and drapes. For more neutral looks, a yellow color curtain like gold matched with blue-toned carpeting will work well. For more extravagant color schemes, purple or lilac curtains and green-toned carpet will come together nicely.

  • How do you match curtains to a room?

  • Match your curtain fabrics and style to the space. In a very traditional room, choose decorator-weight cotton fabrics, silk or velvet, paired with traditional wooden blinds, roman shades or sheers for privacy. Opt for light sheers, printed or solid panels or linen curtains for a relaxed, casual appearance.

    should carpet match curtains

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