should bedroom curtains touch the floor

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  • Should curtains touch the floor?

  • That said, it is well worth investing the time to make sure your curtains are hung correctly and lightly touch the floor. One of the easiest curtain lengths to maintain is the floating drop.

  • How to choose the right curtains for Your Room?

  • Another solution that is considered standard is curtains, the bottom of which is located at a distance of about 5 cm from the floor surface. Such a length of draperies is even more practical, does not in the least interfere with keeping the room clean, and, moreover, is optimal for decorating windows with light flowing fabrics.

  • Should draperies touch the floor?

  • If you do not feel the desire to do this, try draperies lightly touching the floor. You don like cleaning or do it infrequently. Dust and debris collect in the folds on the floor, and when working with a vacuum cleaner or a mop, the edge of the curtain will have to be constantly raised, which is also not very convenient.

  • How high should curtains be above the floor?

  • Short curtains that hover 2 to 4 inches above the floor are usually a no-go as they do not contribute towards making the place look good, rather they can ruin it on top of that. Short curtains not only look odd but they also make the walls look shorter and the whole room smaller in size.

    should bedroom curtains touch the floor

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